Join the Fighting Talker NCAA Men’s Soccer Bracket Contest!

Since we all know that most, not all, but most of the actual soccer on offer during the NCAA Tournament will be unwatchable dreck, let’s liven it up with some casual gambling.

That’s right, it’s the 2010 Fighting Talker Men’s Soccer Bracket Contest. Sign up, and this time I promise, I swear, there WILL be an actual (small) prize on offer for the winner.

Here’s how to signup.

  1. Goto the NCAA’s Bracket Challenge Site
  2. Make your picks and then join the group called Fighting Talker League. The password is diablo (case sensitive).
  3. If you have any questions or problems, leave them in the comments here and I’ll try and sort them out.

The deadline to signup is 12pm on Thursday.

Thanks and good luck!