A taste of our 2008 Awards Show to come

Even Jamie Foxx is excited for the 2008 Fighting Talker Awards

Coming next week, Ed and I return on the Fighting Talk Podcast to give out some of the bests and worsts of the 2008 year in soccer. As a preview, let me now present my awards for the some of the best and worst in soccer journalism.

Rather like those “technical Oscars,” these were awarded last night at a separate ceremony. Continue reading

A note on sourcing

I know that in the past MLS Rumors has been 100% wrong about items, but that’s why they’re called rumors, folks. I link to them sometimes when I want to spur a discussion. Note that on the post below, I didn’t begin to wonder if the Gallardo rumor was true. I just wanted to spur a discussion.

When I link to something, I don’t inherently view it as an endorsement of the story or its source’s accuracy. Like any smart reader of American soccer news, I take MLS Rumors’ materials with a very big grain of salt.

That said, I suspect that I was allowing my own view on Gallardo (he’s buried deep in my doghouse right now) to color my decision to post that link. But hey, it’s a blog. “Coloring” is allowed here.

Steve Bennett needs to go into journalism

Steve Bennett clearly hasn’t ever been in a newsroom.

Bennett told the Daily Mirror: “Away from the pitch, most of us would never fire such offensive verbal abuse at another human being.

“We would never act like ravenous animals smelling blood or remonstrating with frenzied and vulgar gestures.”

I am sure Ed and I can tell numerous stories of ravenous animals editors remonstrating with frenzied and vulgar gestures.

A Brief Hockey Interlude …

Alexander Semin - driving the Caps up the standings at the speed of sound!!!

Alexander Semin - driving the Caps up the standings at the speed of sound!!!

… Ed here. Just wanted to make sure our readers here that are Caps fans saw this from the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo:

Interesting conversation with scoring sensation Alexander Semin, and other revelations – including driving a bit over the speed limit with teammate Alexander Ovechkin.

The Caps (5-3-1) are in Buffalo (6-2-2) tomorrow night to play the Sabres. If Semin drives, the team should enjoy the roughly 2.5-hour bus ride.

Barry Glendenning stops by the Fighting Talker Podcast

On this episode, Aaron speaks to Guardian sportswriter and podcaster Barry Glendenning on numerous subjects including the Premiership, Tottenham, Joe Kinnear, Freddy Ljungberg, Danny Dichio and even Sarah Palin.

Monday’s Fighting Talker Podcast to Feature Guardian’s Barry Glendenning

On Monday night, the Fighting Talker podcast will feature its biggest guest ever (sorry Neil) as the Guardian’s Barry Glendenning joins Ed and me on the show. Be sure to download the show as one of soccer’s funniest writers joins two of soccer’s least funniest writers.

Also, if you have any questions for Barry, leave them in the comments and we’ll try and get to the best ones.

Gone Carrolling, and Other Random Thoughts

Brian Carroll - Best XI?

Brian Carroll - Best XI?

… From the Ask and Ye Shall Receive department, Aaron asked last night on the Podcast where Jeff Bradley might have disappeared to. Turns out, his work is available on mlsnet.com this afternoon with an early look at the possible MLS Best XI. You can read Jeff’s thoughts here.

Not surprisingly, there are no United players among the 11. What might surprise a couple people who haven’t taken notice (or, like me, just haven’t seen Columbus much this year), is that none other than Brian Carroll appears on the list. Bradley notes that United might be “second-guessing themselves for leaving him exposed in the expansion draft last year.”

It’s an interesting thought. Early in the year, I and others (including regular Fighting talker commenter Bootsy) noted that Clyde Simms was going to be a very important part of how well United did this season. When the failings of this club are discussed, it usually centers around the goalkeeping of Zach Wells, the disorganized Keystone Cops nature of the defense, or the myriad of injuries. Rarely, if at all, this season, have I heard anyone say that Simms, who pretty much took over that spot from Carroll and made him expendable in the estimation of United’s front office, was having a bad year. Continue reading

Kinnear wastes no time establishing his idiocy

Joe Kinnear, classy individual

Joe Kinnear, classy individual

Joe Kinnear, the new sacrificial moron manager of Newcastle has barely warmed the chair in his new office before unleashing with an unholy tirade at the press. Below is the transcript.

Please note, that there is some extremely bad language contained in the rest of the post and in the link I included above. It’s a quote from someone who is supposed an adult and a professional. You can judge for yourself, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Trust me though, it’s a remarkable exchange. Continue reading

What soccer websites can’t I live without?

EPLTalk poses an interesting question today. What soccer websites can you not live without?

For the most part, you can find mine to the right in the blogroll. But here are my Top 3.

  1. Guardian Football Unlimited – The best writing and best podcast about English soccer bar-none. Proves that sports, even pompous ones like soccer and F1, can be covered by professionals with a sense of humor.
  2. BBC Radio 5 – When it’s not blacking-out live commentaries, Radio 5 is the best place for breaking soccer news and commentary as events happen. If you wanted to hear idiot Newcastle fans live as their club sunk into disarray, there was no better place.
  3. Dan Loney’s Blog – The funniest voice in American soccer. He also isn’t prone to the constant bouts of hyperbole, navel-gazing, and chicken-little’ism that drives so much American soccer commentary.