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Who’s watching soccer in bars? A guide.

September 15, 2008 · 5 Comments

Haven’t we all seen this kind of soccer viewer at Bar X on a Saturday morning?

I’ve got a theory about watching soccer in large groups (and what it lacks in nuance it more than makes up for in infallibility): The biggest douche in the crowd is always a Manchester United fan. Always. Saturday was no exception. It’s pretty easy to hold up when United is playing, but even in the crowded bar the grand prize winner stuck out like a hetero on Project Runway (what, don’t pretend like you don’t watch it).

Wannabe old school United jersey? Check. Popped Collar? Check. Gel-spiked hair? Check. Nothing with both self-respect and a y-chromosome should ever put effort into looking like that but again, local time, this was before 7 am on a Saturday. I was happy to have pants on at that hour. Who is giving up sleep to groom themselves? And to what end? It’s the world’s most useless gesture. Attendance rates by women for 7 am soccer starts are lower than those at NAMBLA meetings. Even before he opened his mouth, the guy was a tool.

Then he opened his mouth. Before kick he was singing “You’ll Never Win A League.” Three or four times. Nobody joined in. Then it was “When Johnny Goes Marching Down the Wing.” Also multiple times. Also without anyone jumping in. The latter is a song about Man U’s John O’Shea. He didn’t march down the wing. He never got off the fucking bench. Have I mentioned it’s early? Everyone who’s not drinking is hung over. Is it too much to ask if you’re going to be an annoying prick to at least sing something relevant?

This brings up a good question. What are the other species of viewer in your average American soccer bar? (more…)

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A Blatant Plug

August 8, 2008 · No Comments

I am starting a new blogging venture this week called Two Foodie Brothers. My younger brother and I will discuss restaurants and cooking and all the other stuff we typically talk about when not talking about sports.

Please feel free to give it a read.

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Diego the Vague

June 17, 2008 · No Comments

From an old SHOOT Magazine interview via the Guardian:

Diego Maradona (Argentina)
Favourite food?
Oven-roasted meat.
Miscellaneous dislikes?

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United so needs to do this

June 16, 2008 · 2 Comments

A local KC brewery is brewing a Wizard-specific beer. How great is that?

We are partnering with Weston Brewing Company to tryout a new Wizards-specific beer that is brewed in a traditional cask-conditioned method. Beer will be free until the first 10 gallons are gone, then more will be available for $2 a pint.

How is it possible that DC United hasn’t done this before? I am already buzzing with ideas for DC-themed beers.

  • Luciano Emilio Triple IPA, because his mad hops deserves some serious hoppiness
  • Pink Cow Ale, because nothing washes down the taste of another schlacking like a bit of bitter
  • Chris Albright Cranberry Ale, because it sits for a while but instead of getting better, it’s just flat and horrible when you eventually try some
  • Dema Kovalenko’s Caffeinated Beer because it’s full of energy but not very pleasant

You could go on and on

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Could have used this in college

June 9, 2008 · No Comments

For everyone who’s ever done a college roadtrip, especially one to a football game, this sounds like an especially good idea.

Organization because Roy, head of the group’s travel committee, in fact the only member of it, has laminated the details of every stop on their tour of Switzerland in case anyone gets lost when a little worse for wear.

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NYT needs better story ideas

April 21, 2008 · No Comments

My old Fauquier Citizen boss Lou Emerson wouldn’t have liked this story idea.

Studying the Intersection of Politics and Pantry

How is this newsworthy?

Larry Finkel at MarketResearch .com used information on 25,000 people assembled by Simmons Market Research to develop a voter preference index based on store-bought cookies and restaurants.

Among his findings: Democratic women, a demographic group likely to support Hillary Clinton, have an affinity for fruit-filled cookies. Mr. Obama’s supporters intensely dislike vanilla wafers. And if McCain supporters had a favorite cookie, it would likely be one like Chips Ahoy.

I like fruit-filled cookies, vanilla wafers, and Chips Ahoy. I guess that makes me a centrist… or just fat.

A McCain voter might reach for a SoBe energy drink, a Clinton supporter an Odwalla Super Protein drink, and for an Obama supporter, an Izze sparkling juice.

How about telling us about policies? Is that so hard? This stuff is only interesting to campaign journalists and no one else.

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Did you know?

April 11, 2008 · No Comments

Did you know that Anheuser Busch makes a non-alcoholic, green apple flavored beer for the Middle East?

The evidence after the jump. (more…)

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More good news on the Nats food front

March 27, 2008 · No Comments

So there’s even more good news in the Nats food department as the SportsBog confirms that Five Guys will be at Nationals Park, though not necessarily on opening day. Even though (like Ken Beatrice) I don’t eat that stuff anymore, Five Guys in a ballpark is a match made in heaven. They’re even bringing all their toppings.

“That was a debate,” Beresford said of the decision to import all those toppings to a ballpark setting. “We decided, of course, it wouldn’t be a Five Guys burger if we didn’t.”

(Beresford and Gaines already run three Five Guys stores, with the Chinatown location their flagship.)

Subject to change, hamburgers will be $7, cheeseburgers and bacon burgers $8, and bacon cheeseburger $9, including sales tax. Regular dogs will $5.50, cheese dogs and bacon dogs will be $6.50, and bacon cheese dogs $7. No “little” burgers at the Park, though.

And Steinberg, if you want a proper DC Sports “quest,” go chase Beatrice down, wherever he is.

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It lurks amongst us

March 27, 2008 · 1 Comment

Someone has brought one to the office.

It lurks like normal, delicious baked goods, tempting you with its yummy-looking frosting and otherwise innocent exterior.

Others walk by eating it, seemingly unable to understand the horror that they are ingesting.

What is this fifth column of pastry? (more…)

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Tip of the Hat to the Nats

March 26, 2008 · 1 Comment

A Colbert-esque Tip of the Hat is due to the Nats who announced that they will allow outside food into Nationals Park. That is a very kind gesture and one that I wish more stadiums would adopt.  Nothing goes better with Nationals pitching than a Vietnamese Banh Mi as seen right. It’s something spicy to go with all the mediocrity.

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