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College Cup At a Glance

December 11, 2008 · No Comments

Wake Forest is 43-3-3 in 2007 & 08, but will the Demon Deacons be celebrating again Sunday?

Wake Forest is 43-3-3 in 2007 & '08, but will the Demon Deacons be celebrating again Sunday?

Ed here …

… It’s an Atlantic Coast Conference party at the NCAA men’s Division I College Cup this weekend, as the defending champion Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Maryland Terrapins, and North Carolina Tar Heels converge on Pizza Hut Park for tomorrow’s semifinals. The party crashers are St. John’s from the Big East.

Let’s start with Wake, which enters the national semifinals with a 21-1-1 record - the loss coming to Virginia in the ACC semifinal, and the only other blemish being a scoreless draw vs. Duke. Statistically, Wake is the closest thing you’ll find to a PlayStaion team. They have more than double the shot attempts of their opponents (415-204) and they have outscored their 23 opponents by a combined 81-16. That’s right, more than 3.5 goals per game scored, and less than 1 goal per game allowed. On seven occasions this year, the Demon Deacons have scored at least five goals in a game. Five! (more…)

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A place where “pro-rel” should be implemented

August 2, 2008 · 2 Comments

I have rambled on and on to every europoseur I run into all the various good reasons that pro-rel should and will not ever happen in Major League Soccer. I am not going to rehash all those reasons right now.

But the folks over at Unprofessional Foul have found a place where promotion and relegation should be implemented - college football. This is genius.

There is one place where relegation might be feasible, though.

It’s a place of peculiar financial rules, massive exploitation of athletes, hypocrisy, and fans wearing crazy-colored pants. In other words, it’s a lot like top flight soccer.

College football already has a de facto tiered system. The six major conferences—the Big 12, Big 10, ACC, Big East, SEC, and Pac 10—essentially put together a cartel to control access to the large payouts of the Bowl Championship Series games. Simply by that act, they have not only defined the other conferences as lesser but also devised a means to keep them that way by making sure they don’t get much if any of the money that comes with the BCS TV contract.

There are provisions for teams from non-BCS conference to qualify for these lucrative games, and they have done it (see: Utah (2005), Boise State (2007) and Hawaii (2008)). But it’s more of a bone they’ve been thrown to pacify them and distract them from going to Congress and saying the BCS is anti-competitive.

But what if, instead of pretending like there isn’t this formalized inequality, college football embraced the elephant and just divided Division I college football into two tiers. Now, suppose they pair up each of the six major BCS conferences with one from this new second tier. So the Pac 10 gets partnered with, say, the WAC; the Big 12 with Mountain West, the Big 10 with the Mid-American, the SEC with the Sun Belt, the ACC with Conference USA, and the Big East with, well, we’re working on it.

You play out the season just like normal, only now, at its conclusion, you have an additional game between the last place team of the BCS conference and the first place team of the D-I Tier-2 school. The winner gets promoted to (or stays in) the BCS conference and the loser gets relegated to (or stays in) the second tier partner conference.

For example, after going winless in conference—and the scenario I’m envisioning here has only conference games count in determining relegation and promotion positions—for the ninth time in the last last 11 season Baylor would have played BYU to see who gets the spot in the Big 12 and who toils in the Mountain West the following season.

The reality is that the novelty of watching lions slaughter Christians wears off pretty quickly. Sure the Floridas, Oklahomas, and Michigans are happy to pick up respective wins (and the cash from full stadia) against the Middle Tennessee States, the North Texas States, and the Appalachian States (oh… oops), but from a fan’s perspective, it’s really not good sport.

No, what’s far more compelling is watching lions fight lions. And if there were a weekend of nothing but Christians fighting Christians, with their BCS conference lives and paychecks at stake no less, that might be an ever better spectacle.

I would go a step further and eliminate that final playoff game. I would just use the regular season conference standings to promote and relegate. But I am just quibbling over details. This is great. It also might finally accomplish the goal of bringing OSU-Oxford, the branch campus, Miami U. in Ohio State’s league for a yearly beatdown. Just to show those preppies who is truly boss in Ohio.

What do you all think?

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Geiger must be so proud

May 1, 2008 · 1 Comment

This remains Andy Geiger’s fault. So when you see folks offering him effusive praise, remember he was responsible for a contract so badly written that OB got to keep his money despite being caught cheating.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State paid former men’s basketball coach Jim O’Brien $2.74 million for improperly firing him for violating NCAA rules.

O’Brien’s attorney, Joseph Murray, on Thursday confirmed the payment of $2.74 million. That amount represents the award, plus interest, he won in a lawsuit against the university in August 2006.

The Ohio Supreme Court refused to hear the university’s appeal in February.

O’Brien was Ohio State’s coach from 1998 to 2004. He was fired by then-athletic Andy Geiger for giving a Serbian recruit $6,000.

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Headcast Alert, Headcase Alert!

March 21, 2008 · No Comments

Terrele Pryor a Headcase? Uh oh.

I talked to someone very close to the Ohio State football program yesterday and he was very concerned about the road ahead for young Mr. Pryor. The adjustment to college is not going to be an easy one after you’ve been told for so long that you are the greatest player in the history of mankind.

This can only go well.

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The hoops teams we love to hate

March 20, 2008 · No Comments

In Slate of all places. It includes a good reminder of what Big Ten basketball really boils down to.

Everyone bags on Big Ten football, and appropriately so, but the Midwestern brand of pigskin is easy on the eyes compared with Big Ten hoops: a raft of mediocre teams, plenty of flow-restricting physicality, and, all-too-often, Brent Musberger, looking live from Champaign or Iowa City. The most painful Big Ten team to endure is the Badgers, a team that combines brutishness and blandness into an unwatchable goulash.

Though to tarnish American for the ills of Feinstein, as the author does, is a bit harsh.

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These are fun days

March 20, 2008 · 1 Comment

Now I will never ever claim to be a college basketball expert or enthusiast. Nevertheless, the two days of the NCAA Basketball Tournament first round are a lot of fun. I sit near our office’s TV, which I expect will find its way from CNN to CBS around noon-time.

My overall pick (which means they’re doomed) is Georgetown. I overrate Roy Hibbert but I think the Hoyas could sneak up on people.

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Classy, baby

March 11, 2008 · No Comments

Seen at last night’s CAA Final in Richmond and on the DC Sports Bog:

There are so many better jokes you could make about GMU than that one. Really, a chance missed by this not very clever William and Mary fan.

I should also add, I like George Mason, and It’s likely I will go to grad school there. That being said, there are still funnier jokes that can be made about the place.

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Big Ten Coaches as South Park Charicters

February 14, 2007 · 1 Comment

Full marks to Deadspin for finding this. My personal favorite is a tie between Hoepnner and Zook.

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Well, we got crushed

January 10, 2007 · No Comments

Not much else you can really say. Once Ginn got hurt, OSU couldn’t possibly stay with Florida in a shootout and that, as they say, was that.

Our interior lines (both of them) looked dreadful, and without Ginn, what little offensive creativity Tressel is capable of was immediately stiffled. In light of our loss, one question really has been pinging around my head.

Was OSU (and the Big Ten) this overrated to begin with or did Tressel and the Buckeyes just lay an egg?
If it’s that we were overrated, then you have to ask serious questions about both the quality and style of football played by the Big Ten and its premier teams, OSU and Michigan. But that is a different question for another blog post.

If it was that we laid an egg, then questions have to be asked of Ohio State’s alleged unstoppable offense (which now appears to exist only because of Ginn) and of its coaching, which made no adjustments at all. That accusation also applies to our defense, whose zone coverage simply couldn’t keep up with Florida’s calibre of athlete.

The fourth down call? No complaints from me. I would’ve done the exact same thing.

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A BCS Press Conference Moment or the 10,392 example of OSU players being a little dumb

January 8, 2007 · No Comments

From the final Press Conference (PDF) on 1/7:

Q. Jim, one of your defensive players this week said you handed out a card with a Confucius saying on it. I was curious what motivational device you used during the year that did or did not work and could you share the Confucius saying with us?
COACH TRESSEL: Obviously that one didn’t work because it wasn’t Confucius (smiling). It happened to be Nelson Mandela. But anyway, so some of them work and some of them don’t.

I always confuse South Africa freedom fighters and Chinese philosophers. They’re just so similar.

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