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First look at new United shirts

May 6, 2008 · 3 Comments

From Bigsoccer:

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New Book Review - The Driver by Alex Roy

April 24, 2008 · No Comments

I finished up a new book last night, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World by Alex Roy. (more…)

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So who is this sponsor anyway?

March 25, 2008 · 2 Comments

Steve says it’s a foreign automaker: That makes sense. The Big 3 are hemorrhaging money anyway. Here are my “favorites” for the deal. Please note, my predictions are based purely on conjecture. (more…)

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If You’re a Car Guy, This is a Very Good Thing

April 10, 2007 · No Comments

It appears Top Gear is putting together an American version. While I am excited, I am skeptical because unlike their show on BBC (sans ad breaks) the American version will need advertisers and therefore probably the car manufacturers. Will manufacturers let them call cars crap if they putting money into the show and into the hosts’ pockets?

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Vegas Thoughts

April 10, 2007 · No Comments

After an exhausting month working nonstop in Suburban Las Vegas, I am back. Thank God.

For people who don’t have the gambling jones, like me, Vegas loses its appeal after about a week. Seriously, the coolest things I saw in Vegas were, in order:

  1. Wynn-Penske Ferrari Dealership in Wynn Hotel. For $10 you can get up close to all the newest models of Ferrari and Maserati and also get a look at some of Wynn’s personal cars, like a classic F40.
  2. The water show at the Bellagio. Legitimately cool

Well, that’s about it really. I can’t even get to three.

Anyway, it’s great to be back and I will be blogging regularly and posting to regularly again.

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The Greatest Car Show of All Time

February 27, 2007 · No Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the greatest TV show about cars of all time. It’s called Top Gear and it’s broadcast on the BBC. I got hooked on it from youtube and now am downloading the torrents each week. It consists of three dudes testing supercars, arguing over supercars, and then taking on insane projects like launching a Mini down a ski jump, creating an amphibious car, making a convertible minivan, building a Caterham in less than 8 hours, etc. Their latest stunt was to attempt to building a reusable rocket out of a tiny three-wheeled car called a Reliant Robin.

I’ve attached a part of the Space Shuttle episode along with the Land Rover vs. a Tank bit. It makes for terrific viewing.

Unfortunately, BBC has been pulling down many of the videos from Youtube, but they are available at, or at, where you can get whole episodes… for now.

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