Two things that deserve never to be mentioned again: Last night’s match and Toronto FC fans

Well, say this for MLS Cup 2010….. no one was killed.

So there’s that.



Sigh, I’ve got to actually talk about this match?

Jesse Hertzberg from offstage: Yes!

Can I trash Toronto too?

Jesse again: Yes, but try talking about soccer first, please.

Deal! Okay, then let’s break this down, shall we?

The on-field action:
It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t artistic, but for about one-third of it, it was pretty engrossing, which when you consider the two teams on offer in the conditions at hand, was probably about as good as anyone could’ve asked for. The ending was completely compelling as Dallas attempted to come up with new and creative ways to miss chances. Prior to that, Colorado summoned up the spirit of Pippo Inzaghi in scoring two of the most ludicrous goals in MLS Cup history. If for no other reason, I’ll remember the final for that, which is more than I can say for some of those New England finals, right?

I don’t think I’m alone in saying Conor Casey disgraced himself throughout the match only to be rewarded with that goal and unbelievably the final MVP award (only to have is name screwed-up by the VW flack on stage). Casey was like Claude Lemieux out there – just running around the attacking area in the general direction of the ball and then just elbowing, grabbing, or bodyslamming anything that got in his way. On that first half penalty appeal, Casey clearly committed a foul on the defender before getting hacked down in response. It should’ve been a FK to Dallas and then a yellow card to both participants for the subsequent after-party. But any talk of cards, brings us to one of the final’s true enemies – referee, and I use that term extremely lightly, Baldomero Toledo.

Toledo was a joke. He tried to follow the age-old British maxim of “don’t ruin the occasion” but then in true USSF-fashion, ended up totally ruining the occasion. While Toledo was making his Palin-being-interviewed-Couric-face, Dallas but especially Colorado proceeded to turn the game into slightly better-attended version of a Wednesday night “tilt” between Michigan State and Purdue. For those of you who both missed Sunday’s match and have never watched Big Ten soccer, it was grim. I wouldn’t say that Toledo ruined the match because that would be downplaying the role of the hosts Toronto in the entire mortifying occasion. This brings us to the…

Off-field matters:
Let’s start with Toronto. I know from my family who lived up there that it seems to be an inherently decent place, one filled with decent people like my late great-grandmother, Rose.

That proviso being made, allow me to say that Toronto FC fans are officially the biggest bunch of scum, frauds, jokes, and assholes I’ve ever seen in the history of MLS. Seattle fans, you’re off the hook, and off the hook for a long, long time. Reports claim that many Toronto supporters showed up for kickoff and them almost immediately left in a protest against their owners Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) for a) forcing them to buy Cup Final tickets as part of their season tix and b) fielding a fairly mediocre team this year. Look, I’m no fan of MLSE, but this was such an unbelievably bit of destructive and malicious behavior by Toronto fans that hopefully it has ensured MLS doesn’t go anywhere near Toronto for an All-Star Game or a Cup Final ever again. Remember when Michael Wilbon said he’d rather go to Beirut than Detroit for a Super Bowl? Well that now applies to Toronto for any major event.

I know TFC fans seem to have this “love the team, hate MLS” perspective on things; but allow me to remind TFC fans that without the much hated MLS and MLSE for that matter, there would be no TFC and they’d be left watching Serbian White Eagles play Metros Croatia in a high school stadium as genocidal scum on both sides attempt to re-live the “good ole’ days back home” in the streets outside.

Toronto fans embarrassed their club and all of Canadian soccer last night and I’m not even counting the ones who left early during the second half or during overtime. Casual fans are casual fans, but for allegedly real fans of TFC to leave because of their unhappiness with management is a joke and a really big reason to think that maybe MLS should’ve just told the CSA to pound snow and start their own league. I’ll reserve judgement until we see how Montreal and Vancouver are before declaring Canadian soccer totally rotten and asking that Dunc and Gord MacAsshole go start their own league that almost certainly wouldn’t even reach WUSA-level heights before crashing miserably.

One final note, a taunt really, to TFC fans. You might really hate MLS, its structure and its salary cap but you know who loves it more than almost anyone – your ownership. MLS is designed for owners who want a low-risk, low-cost sports investment where even owners who don’t try to win all that much can make a nice return. Who does that sound like? It sounds like MLSE and its main shareholders the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund. Pretty much, you’re ********ed, Toronto fans! Your owners absolutely LOVE MLS because even if the fans truly give up on the team (which looking at the Maple Leafs’ history, they never will), MLSE will still be sitting pretty, mired towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference counting its cash. You can yell and scream all you want, but when the best you’ve been able to show for four years is zero playoff appearances, Danny Dichio, and a dilettante German consultant – you’ve really got nothing. Have fun with your mediocrity Toronto fans, and after last night, allow me to speak for every other fan in the league when I say HARDY, HAR, HAR.

Moving on to the two most over-discussed nuggets of the weekend, I think that the playoff format isn’t a total disaster and I think the pro/rel talk is nothing but talk.

While we don’t know the 2010 playoffs’ final form, the addition of two teams through a play-in game actually has the potential for some dramatic action, especially if they are one-game play-ins. As for the shift back to more geographically “conventional” playoffs? Fine, whatever. It makes it less odd and easier to explain. Works for me.

As for the winter calendar. All I learned about that this weekend is that Sepp Blatter must literally be so stupid as to be brain damaged after using some his time with President Obama to bring up MLS playing a summer calendar. If this were any other normal business or non-profit enterprise, we’d tell FIFA and the USSF refereeing clowns to pack their stuff and get out so we could go off, innovate, and find a better way to do things. That MLS and other soccer leagues around the world cannot do this without being declared “REBELLIOUS” is one of the truly, truly stupid things about this sport.

Getting back to the winter calendar, it will never happen. This is all talk, politics, and evidence to those (like me) who think Qatar is now the clear favorite to win the 2022 World Cup bid. This is a move that shows the US is now playing from behind. That said, win or lose, it will never happen. If these “consultants” Garber talks about have even half a brain, they’ll say exactly what I said in a earlier column. It would be a very, very bad move for the league.

Well, that’s it from here. I’m sure I’ll have more now that the draft (otherwise known as the only part of the season that DC United fans are allowed to forward to anymore) is approaching.

Oh and more thing.

Toronto fans: You’re ********ed.

Ha ha ha.

42 thoughts on “Two things that deserve never to be mentioned again: Last night’s match and Toronto FC fans

  1. I loves me some good Toronto smack. Seriously, though, they go out of their way to bring it on themselves.
    There are plenty of fans like this, and not just of Toronto. They’re the ones you see in discussion threads treating the league as nothing more than a qualification tournament for the CCL, and recommending that reserves be played in league matches so the starters can be fresh to play some low-profile Caribbean club. They drive me nuts. I say give ‘em what they want — kick their team out of the league and see how long it lasts.

    Oh, and for those who think Aaron’s being unfair, check out this whiny article from the Toronto Star.

  2. Purdue doesn’t play men’s soccer.

    Also, I really beginning to fear that you are right about Qatar. Which is goddamn sadlarious. Somebody really ought to *ahem* do something *ahem* about Blatter and bin Hammam.

  3. I don’t believe you. I believe what I saw with my own eyes, heard with my own ears and read from journalists I trust.

    Take your whining elsewhere.

    Performance matters. Toronto failed.

  4. Your comments are utter and complete nonsense, not to mention pretty insulting. I can’t believe you said this:
    What the hell were you thinking by saying that? Do you realize how sensitive of a subject that might be to someone from either of those regions? You’re a disgrace.

    As for the actual lambasting of TFC supporters; how can anyone take you seriously when you cite SBNation as your source? You’re insignificant. Anyway, I’ve pretty much given up on BS courtesy of the likes of you, Archer and Loney. So ******** you very much.

  5. Uh, lerxst. That’s what those teams and their fans actually did 5 years ago according to Canadian posters here. Dig up the threads if they weren’t deleted for age in the Canadian forum.

  6. Wow, this might be the biggest piece of nonense I have ever read.

    I was at the game last night and can tell you their was no protest of any kind.

    Check your facts prior to spouting crap like this.

  7. One thing I agree with Stollar about for sure: Toledo was horrid. An absolute putrid disaster. I’d give him a F-. Pitiful. He was in way over his head and performed like the chicken**** he obviously is.

  8. Here here, I am amazed at the amount of bollocks I am reading on this site.

    Now I am new to Toronto and MLS as a league but can tell you that last night I was in attendance at the game.

    To suggest that the supporters participated in a protest is laughable…..if they did it was an epic fail.

    The stadium was almost full and I must point out that huge numbers of fans were also in the standing areas on the north side (I am still trying to get my bearings here so this could indeed be the south side).

    I would also like to point out that I ran into several supporters of both teams who in conversation indicated they were having a blast. In fact, the Rapids supporters even produced a very large Canadian flag to thank their hosts.

    It is sad that you have written this article without getting any of the facts straight.

  9. Whether there was a protest or not, not enough fans showed up. That was obvious on television – no matter how many people were in standing sections, there were lots of empty seats at midfield and it looked terrible. “Almost full” is not good enough – a place that is actually a great soccer city should be able to fill a 22,000 seat stadium for a final.

    As a point of comparison, when Houston and New England played MLS Cup at RFK in 2007, 39,000+ fans showed up for the match on a freezing cold morning. Around the same number came to RFK in 2000 for KC and Chicago in a year where DCU was flat garbage.

    Most TO fans haven’t been as insufferable as, to pick one example purely at random, Seattle fans have been – I’ve seen no one in TO claim they “saved” the league like some Seattle jokers are saying for themselves about the US Open Cup.

    But this is a comedown, no question about it, for the folks up there who think otherwise. Getting good attendance when the team is new is very different from having a soccer culture that is supportive of MLS. TFC and their fans still have some hard work to do, and hopefully club and fan leadership understands that.

  10. I am an MLS fan but I didn’t watch the game. Regardless of whether its true, I totally support MLS fans’ rights to push back against the league to help shape the product the way the fans want it to be shaped. MLS owners are businessmen first and foremost, so if they can get the consumers to be more accepting of a worse product so that the owners earn more by doing less, then that’s what the owners are going to do. The owners will walk all over the fans if the fans let them. Requiring fans to buy a ticket to the game is really bush league. If MLS can’t produce a product that people want to attend, yet force the season ticket holders to buy a ticket to the event, then its absurd to think those individuals need to just take one for the team.

  11. Ok, you win. There was no one there, Toronto as a soccer town is shit, and we need you to teach us the way seeing as we have a lot to learn. Where should we start?

  12. Amen but you know what? I’d gladly pay for that ticket because I had a great time yesterday. I said it earlier but my buddies and I did our usual gameday prep and got there a good 8 hours before game time. It was a blast! Congratulations to the Rapids!

  13. Didn’t say that. My point is that, for all the talk about how TFC (and Seattle) arrived fully formed and showed the entire league how fanbases should be, the reality is that bringing in fans after the “new car smell” is gone is a lot harder, and as a result there’s a lot more work to be done. TFC has made a good _start_, but it’s just that – a start.

    Seattle is two years younger and, especially if their team doesn’t turn into a juggernaut, will have to deal with this soon themselves.


    I love all these supposed supporters of the league that did not make the trip and might of just caught the tale end of the game talking about what a shitty atmosphere we provided.

  15. Powerful disagreements….

    Another witness (though an admittedly “biased” one) was MLS’s Jonah Freedman and here’s what he said about the Toronto fans:

    So, there may have been some talk by fan groups about a “protest”–but I’m still not sure what really went down….

  16. No protest at MLS Cup, i was there, didn’t happen.

    The only thing worse than hearsay journalism is factually incorrect hearsay journalism. Stollar, congrats, you are the biggest douchbag on this site and with Bill Archer around that’s saying something.

  17. The point is not that Serbs and Croats got into a fight five years ago – no one disputes that – the issue is with the use of the term ‘genocidal scum’ to describe both sets of fans.

  18. I couldn’t tell if this was serious or satirical.

    But in general, TFC “fans” need to suck it the ******** up and pipe down. They have a far better situation than DC United, New England, Chivas, and a host of other teams. Quit your whining, the fact that you THINK you’re better than everyone makes you even douchier.

  19. Didn’t happen. Why? Cause I was there and there was no massive walkout. All of our protesting was done during the regular season. If anyone didn’t want to attend they either just didn’t show up or sold (gave away) their ticket to someone who wanted to go. Nothing was planned, there was no protest, no nothing.
    If you saw a bunch of people walk out of the stands it was to go to the gift shops and buy blankets…which were all gone before halftime.

    Then you should understand why we take such things so seriously like we did this past season. And guess what…they listened to us.

    Again…didn’t happen…get your facts straight.

    Don’t be too surprised if Bill Archer comes up to you and says in his best Vader voice, ‘Aaron…I AM your father.’

    Did you get stripped searched at the border or something? That’s even if you made it up for the final….like I did.

    Take it to the rivals thread you ********ing ******** of a ********ing ********.

  20. Aaron should be accountable for this poor article and issue an apology.

    Man up and do the right thing…..that is if Archer lets you!

  21. I’d agree. At least at the start of the second half. By the end of regulation though, a good portion of the crowd was gone.

    Of course it was cold and the occasional raindrop was falling. I can’t entirely blame neutrals for leaving.

  22. “Genocidal Scum”?

    Wow, you’re really gunning to get Archer’s feature spot aren’t you?

    This is just an awful post. A real poor effort all around.

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