MLS breaks for World Cup, goes with a balanced schedule in 2010

Well if Don Garber has a bulletin board in his office with a list entitled “EUROSNOB DEMANDS,” he’s managed to check off two of them as he announced today MLS will not play during the 2010 World Cup group phase, on semifinal and finals day, and that the league will have play a balanced schedule next year.

In truth, this wasn’t so much of succombing to Eurosnobbery as it was common sense. Playing during the World Cup always seemed slightly masochistic and a balanced schedule will help increase at least the perception of importance of individual matches. If the press release is any indications, the divisions aren’t going anywhere.

Anyway, I’ll have more on this later.

Oh, and this doesn’t mean anything as it relates to the still complete impossibility of pro/rel coming to MLS. Trust me.