Wahl says that this “accountabilty” will push Beckham to greater things

Grant Wahl on Twitter:
At best, he’ll be interested up until that moment when someone says that playing in MLS endangers his England chances, then he’ll go back to being disinterested and upset at his whole situation.

If I’m Chivas USA or a playoff contender in the West, I want Capello to be faced with nothing but Beckham questions. As soon as Capello expresses any kind of displeasure with Beckham’s situation, watch Beckham’s form plummet.

Just how stupid is David Beckham?

Pretty friggin’ stupid after he confronted a Galaxy fan during last weekend’s LA-Milan friendly.

This can only go well…

Still trying to chase the fan down

Now even Nesta is trying to pull him back.

This to me shows that David Beckham is starting to be affected by all the criticism he is taking. We’ve seen time and time again that he is immensely thin-skinned and this just fits into that profile. What continues to amaze me is that his much-vaunted management team has allowed the situation here to reach this level. I thought these people were supposed to be smart.