United gets benefit of the doubt with Szetela signing

I love the way DC United gets the benefit of the doubt with its recent signing of Danny Szetela. I am not sure what I think of the deal, personally. I think need to know what salary he’s on before I can figure that out.

But my point is that if this were a team like Colorado or Dallas making this move, I suspect fans (especially DC fans) would be howling laughing at Team X retreading Szetela. Instead, because it’s DC, everyone gets on board with it.

Anyway, it’s just something I noticed.

PS: Speaking of Americans in Europe who you likely forgot about, let me reintroduce you to Hunter Freeman, who scored this 50-yard screamer… erm, mumbler for his club IK Start in Norway.
[ame=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN1SdZRuo7o”%5DYouTube – Hunter Freeman scores from 40m[/ame]

16 thoughts on “United gets benefit of the doubt with Szetela signing

  1. I wonder if Colorado or Dallas were really that interested or are thankful now that they did not have to make that decision. Szetela has had a career in which he’s accomplished–well, not really much of anything. I don’t know how much young Danny will be making but I’m thinking that a $150,000 guaranteed contract would be kind of stupid. I realize that some MLS teams like players with “European experience” but this guy didn’t exactly distinguish himself over there.

  2. I generally try to get behind any moves the club makes. Whining about things that are out of the fan’s hands won’t change anything. Oh, wait a second, I guess folks whined, and pined for Gomez and we got him back, so I guess anything can happen. Like Gallardo, last season I’m going to give the FO the benefit of the doubt, if Danny sucks or starts to disrupt the locker room I hope he’s benched. If he can contribute, I’ll get behind him.
    What’s the point of tearing down your own team before you’ve even given a dude some playing time?

  3. I think there’s plenty of apprehension about Szetela in the DC fan community.

    I, for one, am very nervous that he only sees United as a stepping stone back to Europe. I want guys who’ll be committed to the name on the front of the shirt.

    But I do think that it’s a good opportunity for him and the team, since he’s coming into a team where he won’t be guaranteed a starting position and will have to earn it. But there’s significantly less pressure on him at United than there would be at NYRB or Dallas, where he’d come in as the fans’ saviour of the team.

  4. Didn’t you notice earlier this year too when ESPN’s power rankings started clamoring that “Christian Gomez has almost resurrected his career” when, at the time, he had 2 goals and an assist to his name? By stats per minute alone, he’s playing much worse than he did in Colorado, but because he’s on the east coast, the media assumes he’s hot shit any time he scores.


  5. Good one re. VW.

    Your point about Gomez and East Coast media bias is totally off-base. When Gomez was in Colorado, he slotted into a team that had a style of play that was not going to bring out his best. That was exacerbated when Clavijo left, and his minutes and effectiveness fell off a cliff. Stats don’t show everything, and Gomez has been playing really well (in spurts, at least) on a DC team that’s still built in his image. That doesn’t have anything to do with (make-believe) East Coast media bias.

  6. Seriously? He was a good player with Columbus, he played well for the U-20s only two years ago, and people are supposed to give up on him? Not getting that.

  7. No one’s giving up on him. Do you hear? He just signed to a new team.

    1. He was not good with Columbus. He was considered below average and petulant.

    2. That u-20 tournament was his one shining professional moment which won him the right to a whirlwind tour of Italian benches.

    What will determine if he is worth DC’s time is his attitude. He seemed very entitled during his time with Columbus. If he is somewhat humbled by his experience and hungry to prove himself, he could be quite a mid-season pickup. If he is still Danny Szetela v.1.0, I look forward to playing you soon.

  8. If he was a kid coming out of UCLA, getting $150k, more or less based on one decent U-20 tourney, everybody would be excited.

    It’s a good move. It might work, it might not, but it’s a good move all around unless we’re paying top dollar.

  9. Well, he wasn’t considered below average by me.
    Was he petulant at 17? I don’t know. Maybe. He was 17. Once he found his role I thought he was a valuable contributor. Carroll ultimately was an upgrade there, but he’d been in the league for a half-dozen years and won a championship.
    As for the idea of giving up on him … did you even read the article that started this thread?

  10. I think what I like about the deal is that his acquisition seems to be consistent with the Club’s off-season activity. Specifically, DC United has started to put together a nice core of young and experienced American players.

    Rodney Wallace – 21
    Danny Szetela – 22 (4 yrs in MLS, 1 yr in Spain, 1 yr in Italy)
    Chris Pontius – 22
    Brandon Barklage – 22
    John DiRaimondo – 23
    Andrew Jacobsen – 23 (1 yr in France)
    Santino Quaranta – 24 (8 yrs in MLS)
    Devon McTavish – 24 (3 yrs in MLS)
    Greg Janicki – 25
    Marc Burch – 25 (4 yrs in MLS)
    Josh Wicks – 25

    I think this is a pretty impressive list, and it’s not even including players like Jakovic and Kocic (24), Simms (26), Fred (29), and Namoff and Emilio (30).

    So, even if Szetela wants to return to Europe, he’s going to have to fight hard against young players equally as determined as he is to earn playing time.

  11. What, the two paragraphs that form this blog? Yeah, I skimmed it.

    Danny was 20 when he left after three seasons. And stil petulant. You know that face he made when the Columbus ball popped up? Three years of that.

    And if I may so, politely, write that is wholly irrelevant that you found him above average. His coach both in MLS and abroad found him less than so. And may I remind you that he received 34 appearances in three years on the worst team in MLS (although he was injured often)

    But like I wrote before, there’s no reason to write him off entirely. Like Quaranta, his career is wholly in his hands. If he makes some positive choices with regards to aspects such as being coached, to handle constructive criticism, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t contribute.

  12. That is not the first helping of sour grapes I’ve heard from Columbus fans regarding this move. Why is it that so many Columbus players who leave end up getting the traitor treatment upon return?

    Here in DC, I can only think of one ex-player we truly hate and that’s Chris Albright, and you need to understand… we truly hated him when he actually played for us. The booing never changed, only the shirt he was wearing.

  13. Jeez, Aaron, I bothered to read both your paragraphs. Did you happen to read any of mine?

    It really is not that much of a stretch to say Szetela was not a go-to player on pretty awful Crew teams. That is neither the traitor treatment or sour grapes and is ignoring my point, which is clearly spelled out at the end, and filling in whatever truth you wish to manufacture. What axe do you have to grind? My posts were pretty level.

    If you are referencing the traitor treatment as applied to McBride… well, look up the history. Otherwise, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  14. As a Crew fan I could care less that he’s in DC and I’m glad he’s not back with us. Time will tell if this was a good move for United or not. If the Danny that left C-bus is the same Danny in DC, don’t expect much. If he’s managed to learn some humility and work ethic, it’ll probably turn out good. No sour grapes here. The only player I take particular joy in booing that is ex-Crew is Eric Denton, but even San Jose couldn’t let him stink up the joint anymore.

  15. Sophomoric little graphics aside, I’m not sure where “sour grapes” comes from except the depths of your well-known long running feud with Crew fans. I know it’s not easy to be even-handed and open minded about a bunch of guys who think you stink, but you need to try.

    The kid wore out his welcome in Columbus. All he ever did was sulk, give up possession, draw cards (whenever he got beat – which was frequently, he’d just slug the guy) and get benched. Not one Crew fan in 100 wants him anywhere near their team.

    And he was in the middle of arguing with Sigi Schmid about who knows more about soccer and how to play it when somebody came around waving a couple of bucks and Sigi couldn’t get him out of town fast enough. He didn’t even bother to negotiate or hold out for more. He just shoved.

    You really think Sigi gives up on hot young talent? If so then you don’t know the Fat Man. He had the same kind of problems with Chad Mardshall, and Chad ended up on the bench but Sigi refused to trade him. Eventually Marshall saw the error of his ways, worked his way back into the lineup and was the 2008 MLS Defender of the Year. THAT is what Sigi does with young talent.

    If he’s matured a bit, great. More power to him. But coming into a new team saying “I’m here to get my confidence back so that another European team will make me an offer” is just classic Szetela. It’s all about him, all day long.

    Maybe he’s a better player now. All grown up. If so, fine, but he pissed everybody in Crewville off. Do you honestly think anybody much there has any interest in giving it another go? Really?

    If nobody in CBus is carrying around “sour grapes” about McBride, who still holds the team scoring record, or Sigi, who won MLS Cup for them – and they’re not – then they sure aren’t carrying them for this punk, who never did one damn thing. Not one.

    (That doesn’t mean they didn’t razz and heckle the shit out of BMB when he showed up in the Eastern Conference finals, but most of those guys would have booed their own mothers if they showed up wearing red that day)

    Bottom line. “sour grapes” means resentment, and you’ll be hard pressed to find one single solitary person who resents Szetela going to DC. That’s simply a stupid thing to say.

    Maybe someday he’ll prove us all wrong and we’ll be sorry, but until he does, there’s one thing you need to try and get through your head:

    Crew fans don’t like Szetela much based on three years of watching him play. DC fans are ecstatic about Szetela based mostly on never having seen him play.

    I’ll leave it to you whose opinion is based in reality.

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