Hirshey’s words bear heeding

David Hershey, one of the best, and most-experienced of soccer observers in the US had this to say after the US loss to Brazil.

He absolutely right about the US benefiting from teams taking us lightly. Plus, I think the ESPN hype machine (which is already a twitchy, often miss-aimed device) and newspaper columnists looking for an easy column to write in the dog days of the 2010 summer would have heaped an insane pressure and lunatic expectations on top of a team that seems to do well in inverse proportion to them. I think it’s a bit better that the US lurks in the bushes a bit.* It worked for the Continental Army, I think it works for the men’s national team as well.

*Clarification: I mean that in the guerrilla warfare way… not the Mark Foley way.

As bad as FIFA is, at least you’re not an F1 fan

Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley: Making Sepp Blatter look like Pete Rozelle

Bill Archer, Andrew Jennings and many others love to focus on FIFA and its corrupt functionaries like Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer, et al. Others prefer to turn their guns on Fed Heads like Dr. Bob or Sunil Gulati. As bad as those folks may or not be for their sports – you soccer people don’t truly know what it’s like to be mortified, horrified, and nauseated by your sport’s leadership. For that, you must be a formula one fan.

This week, Bernie Ecclestone, the man who runs the commercial and all off-the-track aspects of Formula 1 racing let loose with these bits of lunacy.

Oh, it gets worse.
Brad Spurgeon, the New York Times’ F1 blogger summarized the thoughts and pains of many F1 fans this weekend.

And let’s not forget, Bernie’s partner in running F1, Max Mosley, was caught in the strangest of “Nazi” sex romps last year, made even worse by the fact that he is the son of Britain’s most famous war-time fascist, Oswald Mosley.

So for those of you prone to doing spit takes across your keyboard at whatever stupidity exits the mouth of Sepp, Jack, or whoever, just keep in mind it could be far, far worse.

The sun came up again today, which means yet again Kartik is spouting nonsense.

It’s almost Palin’esque in its sheer stupidity:

There are lots of reasons, both good and bad, why MLS does not break for international weeks, but it has absolutely nothing to do with fans not being able to tell the difference. I personally wish MLS could take some weeks off, but I’ve also messed about with calendars to try and fit in all the league matches without dragging the season way into the bad late-winter, early-spring weather or deep into NFL/college football territory where getting the league any column inches or TV hours would be near impossible.

Gardner poses an interesting question on commentating

From Gardner’s weekly grumble:

Gardner brings up an interesting point. What do we think of commentators being frank and or complementary of players working the “gray” areas of diving, hacking, time-wasting, etc. I hear Harkes doing more of this, and while it’s honest, is it a good thing to have commentators talking sort of positively about it? Specifically how does this appear to viewers when it comes to selling a foul, which is seen as so “girly” in comparison to the more “manly” gray-area-work seen in other sports (hard fouls in basketball, beanballs, goonery in hockey, etc.)?

What do you think?