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Quittin’ Time

September 29, 2008 · 2 Comments

I think like many fans out there, Sunday’s capitulation at the hands of FC Dallas marked a turning point in our opinions on this season. Up to this point, I was inclined to focus my blame on the front office who mismanaged our offseason acquisitions so badly. I didn’t think Soehn (nor Alex Ferguson) could succeed with some of the crap personnel he’s had at his disposal.

But yesterday was different. The team simply quit on Soehn. Yesterday’s game did actually mean something. A win could’ve kept their playoff hopes alive and with some reasonable probability of success. Now, DC has to rely on other teams struggling (always a possibility) and DC putting its form back together. Well, now we know that regardless of if the former happens, there is no chance of the latter taking place. The team, including some of its best players like Jaime Moreno, has stopped caring. That performance yesterday was indicative of a team that has mentally checked-out for the season, and as we’ve already seen, is physically finished.

The second problem, the exhaustion, cannot really be blamed on Soehn. But the first problem, the obvious quitting and lack of effort - that is on his shoulders.

And whenever players, no matter how exhausted, tune out and quit on their coach, that coach simply must go. They’re not listening to Tom, no matter what he says at this point. In a way, I am even less impressed that he didn’t criticize his team and players more (to the media) after Sunday’s loss. Where is the accountability? Where is any demand for players to take responsibility for their performances? I just don’t see it. Yes, our lack of depth makes dropping guys more difficult. But, after a joke like Sunday, ripping your players is totally in-bounds for a coach at this point in the season.

And yet, he didn’t do it. Maybe, deep down he knows that he simply no longer can lead or persuade these players, no matter what he says or how mad he gets. At this point, I am inclined to agree with him.

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  • TCompton // September 29, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I think that DC United is just playing out the rest of its games just to make it to the off-season. It’s not because the players don’t want to play for Soehn. It’s that they’re burned out… phyically and mentally.

    And the reality of it is, so am I. I didn’t watch the game against Dallas, just I did not watch their loss to Marathon or the Galaxy. Because, just like the players, I’m fatigued by the number of games played.

    We won’t make the playoffs. But its not because the players don’t want to. It’s because they can’t. We’ve learn a valuable lesson about how far you can push a team. But it’s not like the team failed this year. In fact, we’ve improved. We showed that we can win in a knock out tournament, something we haven’t done in quite some time. It’s sort of like winning the NIT, but really, that’s about as good as we are.

    I’m burned out. So are the players. But what’s more important is that next year, we won’t be playing in a Spring CONCACAF tournament or SuperLiga. Which means, this group won’t have to go through the same schedule next year.

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