Just say no to Ottawa

MLS Rumors is “reporting” that Ottawa, ON is going to make a big push for an MLS expansion team. 

To Major League Soccer, I say this, Just Say No.   

Ottawa is too small. If MLS is going to expand again to Canada, it should not be to its sleepy capital which makes Washington DC look like New York City in terms of things to do and only beats out Canberra at not being the Western world’s most boring capital. Ottawa has 1.22 million people in its metropolitan area. To put that in perspective, that would make it the 42nd largest media market in the US, between Richmond and Louisville. Only Salt Lake stands as a current MLS market that is smaller than Ottawa. But, SLC’s metro area grew by over 13 percent from 2000-2007 and shows no sign of slowing. 

Let me put it this way, I don’t think any of you think that either Richmond or Louisville are anything more than USL markets. Why should Ottawa be any different? Garber should tell them thanks but no thanks and give them two options…

  1. Call Francisco Marcos and join the USL, they’ll be happy to have them
  2. Start their own damn league in Canada – the “Archer Option”

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