Quittin’ Time

I think like many fans out there, Sunday’s capitulation at the hands of FC Dallas marked a turning point in our opinions on this season. Up to this point, I was inclined to focus my blame on the front office who mismanaged our offseason acquisitions so badly. I didn’t think Soehn (nor Alex Ferguson) could succeed with some of the crap personnel he’s had at his disposal.

But yesterday was different. The team simply quit on Soehn. Yesterday’s game did actually mean something. A win could’ve kept their playoff hopes alive and with some reasonable probability of success. Now, DC has to rely on other teams struggling (always a possibility) and DC putting its form back together. Well, now we know that regardless of if the former happens, there is no chance of the latter taking place. Continue reading

Now Even I’m Concerned

An ugly game, and ugly end, and ugly result at Dallas.

An ugly game, an ugly end, and an ugly result at Dallas.

Ed here.

On the podcast last week, I said that I still thought DC United was going to make the playoffs. I wasn’t quite sure how, but I wasn’t ready to give up on the season.

As a supporter, I’m still not. I’m still going to cheer and chant and sing for the club when I’m at the games and I’m going to hang on every minute when I’m watching games on television.

But in doing just that this afternoon during United’s 3-0 loss at FC Dallas, what I saw, honestly, disgusted me. Continue reading

Setanta Sports comes to American cable

It’s true. Setanta Sports is starting to get distribution on cable systems. I can tell you this because my own cable provider, Cox Communications, has announced they are adding it on October 8th. It’s categorized with channels like HBO and Showtime, which means folks will have to pay even more to recieve it.

Imagine this statement only a few years ago, today American TV viewers can recieve three channels either devoted entirely, or devoted primarily to showing soccer.

I will be curious to see if people around here subscribe, and if they do, how it will affect local soccer bars like Kitty’s and Summers.

Even I am not sure I want to an extra $15 or so a month (that’s a guess) for one channel. We shall see.

Running on Empty at Marathon

For United, its time to move on.

For United, it's time to move on.

Ed here. So, it was a 2-0 loss at Marathon Wednesday night, leaving United pointless from its first two matches in the Champions League, and at least for me, leaving a feeling of wondering how it wasn’t worse. Marathon created some good stuff early, and really should have been clearly ahead at the intermission. United showed a bit more spark in the second half, but the breakthrough eventually came and there you go, another game down the tubes.

I made the comment on the Fighting Talker podcast (click the play button in the post below this one to listen) that if you are a real cynic, you could make the argument that United isn’t going to win another game this season in any competition. I don’t think that’s the case – I still believe they are going to squeeze out enough points in the league to make the playoffs – though how exactly that’s going to happen, well, I haven’t worked out that plan in my head yet.

But barring a last game scenario where United is playing a Marathon team at RFK in the final game of the season (not including playoffs), it’s hard to imagine United winning a match in the Champions League. Face it, they’ve played the two teams that appeared to perhaps be beatable, and fallen in both games – one at home. They next get Cruz Azul here next week, and while I don’t expect the match in RFK to be a complete blowout, it’d still be an upset were United to win. Continue reading

It’s the First-Ever Fighting Talk Podcast!

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the big night. It’s the first ever Fighting Talker Podcast. In tonight’s episode, Ed and Aaron take on such subjects as:

  • DC United’s struggles
  • The Crew – truly good or typically counterfeit
  • Fox Soccer Channel – the horror, the horror

We’re aware there are some issues:

  • It’s too long. That’s my fault. We may need to structure this more than I had originally intended.
  • The audio quality is strange. Maybe I should’ve spent more than $25 on a microphone because I sound even squeakier than usual. I am going to try and fix this for Show 2.

But it’s a start. It will surely get better.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what think by commenting below.

[Audio http://fightingtalker.podbean.com/medias/web/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhNS5wb2RiZWFuLmNvbS84MTAyNi91L0ZpZ2h0aW5nX1RhbGtlcl9TaG93XzEubXAz/Fighting_Talker_Show_1.mp3%5D

Champions League Thoughts

Theres nothing quite like a Champions League night in Bayamon.

There's nothing quite like a Champions League night in Bayamon.

Ed here. I watched a good bit of the CONCACAFAFAFAFAFAFAF Champions League matches last night on FSC and Galavision. Why? Well, because the Cubs weren’t on and Dirty Jobs was a repeat.

And, well, it’s soccer. So in some weird way, I feel compelled to watch – even if I’m completely convinced at this point that this tournament is going to treat DC United like a baby treats a diaper (old Cheers line there).

If you don’t want to know last night’s results because you taped them, DVR’ed them, Tivo’ed them, or whatever, then don’t read below the jump. I seriously doubt there are any of you out there that taped Cruz Azul/Saprissa to watch later – but hey, I don’t want to make anybody mad. So go on down there below the jump and read on as I reflect on last night’s results and note tonight’s action in the Champions League. Continue reading

Anybody want Klinsmann now?

The Europoseur’s favorite USA coaching candidate (and admittedly mine too) Jurgen Klinsmann has led Bayern Munich into crisis, winning only two matches of five. The headline to the right (How great is that front page, btw?) came after this weekend’s 5-2 to Werder Bremen. Maybe JK was a one-hit wonder with an experienced German team with the benefit of playing at home?

What do you think?

On the Officiating…

Terry Vaughn was simply awful. A solid D- from this grader. Even if you toss out the simply dreadful red card to Burch (above), his performance would rate no better than a D. Was this going to be an easy match to offiicate? Not a chance, not with two rival teams needing points and two rival defenses lacking skills. In light of that, how on earth did Vaughn, someone I only rank better than the intolerable Abbey Okalaja, get assigned this match? The officiating was dreadful as it relates to both teams. But by the second half, DC couldn’t sneeze on an LA skill player without drawing a whistle.

It was quite simply one of the worst non-Okalaja refereeing performances I’ve seen in MLS in a long, long time.

It’s over. Lock-up the place, and let’s head home.

And that sound, my friends, is the sound of this season coming to an end. United’s loss to LA featured just about everything a neutral or a non-soccer fan would want. It had goals, controversy, passion (if mostly aimed at the referee) and even an ejection. That said, it was a horrible advertisement for MLS. The whole game reminded of an old quote by former US Olympic Hockey coach Herb Brooks, when he said, “You look like a monkey trying to screw a football out there.” Saturday night’s match was all thrashing around with no precision or success. Continue reading

In Deeper Quicksand than We (Okay, I) Thought

Ed here.

Going into the CONCACAFAFAFAFAFAFAFAF Champions League, I had reasoned that if DC United collected 9 points from their 6 matches, I’d probably be happy with that, nabbing at least 5 at home, and skimming 4 on the road somehow, or maybe 7/2, whatever, you get the picture.

After watching United lose to Saprissa the other night (which, given our lineup, then the sending off of McTavish, I guess one can’t be too shocked at), then watching last night as Marathon of Honduras slapped Cruz Azul around like one of those crazy druggie guys in the middle of the night on “COPS,” I now sort of wonder where any of those points are going to come from. Continue reading