Sports Leagues as Government bodies

From Matt:

Can we analogize different major sports leagues to different branches of the federal government? Yes we can! Presidential politics is like the star-driven NBA while congress is the NFL and the judiciary is MLB. It’s surprisingly plausible. And I’ll extend — state government is like MLS with people occasionally telling themselves they’ll pay attention and then ignoring it. The NHL, of course, is Canadian parliamentary politics.

If I may carry this analogy even further, MLS’ “foreign policy” might resemble that of a state government, but its “domestic policy” more resembles the Chinese National People’s Congress, only occasionally coming out of a slumber to utilize byzantine laws and codicils to ensure pre-determined policy outcomes that only an autocrat could be proud of.

By the way, the MISL would be Britain’s Official Monster Raving Loony Party, complete with strange-looking creatures, self-destructive internal splits, and complete and total irrelevance.

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