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On aggravation… lots and lots and lots of it.

June 5, 2008 · 1 Comment

I have no idea what happened at either the USA-Spain match or the DC-Houston matches. Obviously, I’ve read a bit about the matches, but for in-depth commentary, go somewhere else. Here’s why.

Here was my evening yesterday:

  1. I leave work early to leave time specifically for me to drive to my apartment, put on some rain appropriate clothes and go to RFK for DC-Houston. That part goes okay. It took about 30 minutes.
  2. I get to RFK at about 6, roll down my window to pay the parking guy and pull into the lot… My window (electric) won’t close. It won’t even come close to closing… and some of the biggest storms of the year are approaching me and my precious 97 Accord
  3. I hear thunder approaching and I realize, I better screw the game, tape up the window and get somewhere covered to try and stash the car, or else it will be good for nothing other than being an aquarium. Thanks to my good friends Kim and Paul with the Screaming Eagles, I get some duct tape and trash bags and cover up my window, sealing up the door and mirror.
  4. I start my car, look out and realize that without my mirror to my left, I will kill someone if not myself, so I poke a hole in the trash bag so I can see my mirror, but also allowing buckets of water to land on my left leg. Bad times. Cold, bad times.
  5. At 6:30 pm, I begin the drive back from RFK to either a Honda dealership or my parents’ place which has a garage to stash it in. (My apartment does not have covered parking). I slog through brutal DC bad-weather, rush-hour traffic to get to the Honda dealership.
  6. At 8, I arrive at the Honda dealership only to find its closed, and it (like nearly every stoplight on Rt. 50 W) has no power either.
  7. I drive home to my family’s place in Merrifield, not too far in theory. It takes me nearly 30 minutes. Pulling into Merrifield, I see a large towering green cloud over Fairfax Hospital. I know what those can turn into so I go into fight or flight mode, careening down Gallows far too quickly and nearly getting into a wreck at Gallows and Rt 29, where the stoplights were also out.
  8. I get to my parents’ place when I realize that they have no power either, meaning, they can’t open the garage door.
  9. I think I am totally screwed at this point as I am in their driveway, getting pounded with rain, wind and what sure looked like it could be a tornado, with the hole in my window where I needed to see the mirror. I look around desperately in my car for anything to plug the hole with… My red fleece? No, nothing I can tie it to. Dress jacket? Way too expensive. Ah, an umbrella, which I stick out the window hole, open, and jam the handle in a gap in my steering wheel, wedging it in the exposed bit of my window.

Believe it or not, that McGyver-like solution actually worked, and my car stayed dry despite sitting outside during DC’s storm of the year with only a garbage back and wedged umbrella keeping it dry.

Anyway, that was my evening.

It was not fun.

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