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Hyndman to FCD is a bad, bad move

June 2, 2008 · 1 Comment

I have to agree completely with Ives on Dallas’ possible hiring of SMU coach Schellas Hyndman. It’s an awful choice. Hyndman has practcially zero high-level professional playing or coaching experience. Here it is, in its entirety from SMU’s website.

Hyndman played for the Cincinnati Comets of the American Soccer League in 1975. The following year, he taught at Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo in Brazil, where he received a certificate to coach and train daily with the famous Sao Paulo Futebol Club.

In the words of the “Orange One,” that’s it. That’s the list.

Hopefully, because the club has been denying that they made contact with him, FCD goes another direction. If HSG wants to go down the “cheap” college coach route as Dave thinks, there are better options available.

My first choice would be Bobby Clark at Notre Dame, who while having success in South Bend, also comes with a boatload of professional experience with Aberdeen and the Scottish National Team. It’s not that you have have been a star player to be a good coach, you just have to have been a professional player and know how professionals and the pro game operate. Clark understands both of these things.

Another decent candidate from the college ranks who fits that bill includes UCLA’s Jorge Salcedo. In a market like Dallas that has struggled to connect with the city’s Hispanic community, tell me how hiring a guy like Salcedo could be a risk too great to make?

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  • PonyFan // June 2, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Allow me to disagree. Coach Hyndman would be a sensational hire for FC Dallas … and as a PonyFan, I’d hate to see him make the move. You’re right that he hasn’t coached professionally, but he is revered throughout the coaching industry (he is on his to Europe this week or next to teach a course all Premier League coaches are required to take). He also is brought in to teach seminars all the time for coaches in the states - professional and college. In addition, don’t assume he’ll be cheap - he makes a nice salary at SMU and has other sources of outside income that he’ll need to give up, so he’s not likely to accept much of a discount.

    I like your site a lot, and wish you the best … but I hope FC Dallas looks elsewhere, for purely selfish reasons. Coach Hyndman would be a fantastic hire for FC Dallas, but here’s hoping he stays at SMU.

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