One of the great days of the year

Memorial Day Sunday… the best day of the year. Why?

For the past oh, 15 years, here has been the schedule for this day.

7:30 a.m. – Grand Prix of Monaco. The crown jewel of the F1 calendar, it’s prone to bouts of unpredictability especially when wet like today’s race.

Noon – Indianapolis 500. An American classic, and this year, with a unified series, the beginning of the return to its former prominence.

6 p.m. Coca-Cola 600, the longest race in the NASCAR calendar and while never watched in one sitting, perfect for checking in on and then watching the end when any barbecues or parties are finishing up.

It’s my most wonderful time of the year.

United improves, no doubt about it

Fair play to Soehn, Jaime and the boys, they played a lot better yesterday and wholly deserved to win. At any one of a number of points, I was positive that United would collapse mentally, Toronto would win, and Soehn would be on the phone to Long and Foster. But it never happened. United clawed back into the match after what could have been a devastating dagger-like goal at the end of the first half. I was convinced that I’d wake up Monday morning and find an email in my inbox entitled “DC United Head Coach Tom Soehn Relieved of Duties,” but barring something very strange happening, I won’t. Continue reading