So who is this sponsor anyway?

Steve says it’s a foreign automaker: That makes sense. The Big 3 are hemorrhaging money anyway. Here are my “favorites” for the deal. Please note, my predictions are based purely on conjecture.

Chance of it being them: 50%

Toyota has already shown an interest in sponsoring MLS through its purchase of the naming rights to the Fire’s new stadium, so that increases its odds in my opinion. Toyota fits MLS’ demographic well and would certainly have the money to do it, having a revenue of $202.86 billion PY. Toyota also was title sponsor the Copa Libertadores from 1998 to 2007 and previously sponsored the Intercontinental Cup. (The predecessor to the World Cup Championships).

Chances of it being them: 25%

VW/Audi is an interesting proposition because its VW brand might find that MLS would seem to fit their “urban hip” demographic well. I think it especially fits DC United’s more urban fan base, far more than it would fit other MLS clubs. Also, VW has recently moved its North American headquarters to Reston. VW currently owns VfL Wolfsburg and owns the naming rights to its stadium. The company’s other brands appear unlikely to be involved, though to have a Bentley, Bugatti or Lamborghini logo on the shirt would be outstanding.

Chances of it being them: 50%

Much like Toyota, Honda has a broad demographic that would encompass MLS fans both Caucasian and Latino. Former major MLS sponsor, the company still sponsors a U.S. Soccer Player of the Year award as it has since 1991. This one certainly makes a lot of sense, even if it is boring like my own ’97 Accord.

Chances of it being them: 30%

I’ve heard nothing about it being them, but again MLS would fit into the broad demographic they wish to sell to. They’ve been making a push into the Spanish-speaking market recently. Currently they are the title sponsors of the Copa Sudamericana. They’ve also sponsored a Fox Sports en Español reality show.

Chances of it being them: 30%

Have recently entered into a hugely expensive deal with FIFA to be one of only six official “partners.” (The others are Adidas, Sony, Emirates, Coca Cola, and Visa). Would a deal like this preclude a jersey sponsorship deal? I don’t know.

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