Daniel Snyder makes kids ill

Daniel Snyder ruins everything he touches. Don’t ever forget this. Fortunately, the City Paper’s Dave McKenna never does either and follows Snyder’s travails brilliantly every week. This week he checks in with the disaster that Snyder has turned Six Flags into. It maims children. Its stock price is barely visible to the human eye. And now Six Flags makes folks ill.

Dan Snyder’s bid to have theme park fans view Six Flags as they do Disney is taking another big hit this week. Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, a hotel owned by Snyder’s theme park chain, has apparently gone viral.

Not Soulja Boy viral. Legionnaires Disease viral.

New York health authorities now say at least 388 visitors to the wannabe Disney resort have come down with cases of something called Norovirus. Four of the sickees have already filed lawsuits against Six Flags.

I fully expect a story soon accusing Johnny Rocket’s of serving squirrel to unsuspecting patrons.

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