Steven Cohen put on his bad idea jeans today

So here’s the bad news for American soccer fans – World Soccer Radio is back.

Here’s the good news. It won’t be back for long.

Certainly not if WSR’s tweet about it costing $9.95 month to listen proves to be true.

Umm, no.

I guarantee you, not nearly enough people will pay that to listen to two uninformed ex-pats rattle on about how much better it is back home. Any one of us can go to our local soccer bar and get that for free!

Where is Cohen expecting to get the money for this effort? I don’t care if his father is the 3rd Earl of Douchbagshire, there is still no chance of this surviving even a year.

Am I jumping up-and-down on the grave of Cohen’s career? You bet.

I’ll be back later, my feet are tired.