SI: Beckham can bolt on contract after 09 season

Grant Wahl has the scoop: has learned from from multiple sources that Beckham’s contract allows him to walk away from the Galaxy after the ’09 season, two years earlier than any previous reports had stated.

Beckham does indeed have a five-year, $32.5 million contract with Major League Soccer (plus incentives and a percentage of jersey sales, among other things) that runs through the end of 2011. That’s not news.

But Beckham can opt out of the last two years if he so desires, according to a previously undisclosed clause in his contract.

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Beckham loan makes little sense to MLS or Galaxy

From a purely soccer perspective, and from the perspective of Beckham’s ambition to keep playing for England, the loan to Milan makes a lot of sense.

But, from the perspective of MLS and the Galaxy – how can you allow your meal ticket to risk getting hurt in a competition you see no profit out of. Plus, what are the insurance implications to this? It just all seems far too big of risk for LA/MLS to take. Bruce Arena seems to agree. Continue reading

It wasn’t Gullit’s fault



I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Los Angeles’ disasterous  season is not primarily Gullit’s fault. So I wouldn’t rank him as a coaching “bust.”There isn’t a coach in the league, if not the world, that could have done very much with that defense – not one. This mess is primarily on Lalas’ hands, not Ruud’s.

That said, AEG had to do something. And with Gullit apparently selling his house, maybe the Galaxy figured they’d be better off canning him now, before he flees, and thus giving Cobi an early start.

Gullit and Lalas are out

They’re both gone:

In a stunning, though not completely surprising turn of events at the Los Angeles Galaxy, both Ruud Gullit head coach and team president Alexi Lalas are looking for new jobs.

The Galaxy fired Lalas on Monday, the same day Gullit resigned as head coach. Tom Payne takes over as the Galaxy’s president while long-time Galaxy midfielder Cobi Jones takes over as interim head coach in the midst of his first season as an assistant after retiring last season.

This of course comes as no surprise to readers of this blog or even the blinded of MLS observers. A team with that defense, and that kind of coach and GM never stood a chance. Is Cobi the long-term answer at coach, or is another big name required for the “Glamour Team of MLS?”

Let’s all make fun of TFC

Making Paul Maurice look more competent one day at time

John Carver: Making Paul Maurice look competent

Ladies and gentlemen I come here today to admit an error. At the beginning of this season, I predicted that the Galaxy would be the “crisis club.” That, with the exception of Xavier whine or two, has been proven incorrect. Instead the MLS team that is the least competent, least intelligent, and least classy has by far been Toronto this season.

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Power and when to use it

Dave says:

What do you mean “deserves?” He signed a contract, and one could even argue that he brought this upon himself by going to such a lousy, rudderless team.

Does Beckham ever try to force Lalas out? Beckham has been around enough well-assembled teams to know what one should look like and that the Lalas-led Galaxy cannot possibly be one. Beckham absolutely has the power to do that, of course. All it would take is one quiet visit with Leiweke or even Anschutz himself and the deed would be done. The question is, does Beckham have the grapes to do it. Coming from a rigidly hierarchal system like Manchester United, would he be inclined to throw Lalas in to the ocean for the good of the crew? Based purely on national stereotype, it’s far more likely that Gullit vents about Lalas and then gets canned. The book Brilliant Orange explains the far more “socratic” discussions that occur there between players and management. At Old Trafford, dissent is rewarded with a shoe to the face.