Sorry Crew fans

In a word, here’s what your 2008 MLS Champions are facing – decimation.

From Goff:

  • Manager – gone
  • Top defender – gone
  • Plucky midfielder on low salary – gone
  • General Manager (!!!) – gone
  • Playmaker – staying (it’s not all bad news… close though)

I cannot remember another Cup-winning team disintegrating this quickly or this badly. It’s truly stunning. The McCullers news really took me by surprise. The real fear should be that if the other players start reading the writing on the wall they might look to flee as well. Specifically, I could see Rogers and maybe Hesmer finding their way out if this turns out to be the case. Already, the Crew without Sigi, Marshall, Evans, and McCullers might struggle to make the playoffs. With any additional personnel losses, it could be come an even more insurmountable effort.

Fighting Talker Show 8 is on the Air

It’s the much-awaited 2008 MLS Season in Review. Ed and Aaron review all that was in MLS 2008 and also discuss Arsenal’s win over Chelsea, Real Madrid’s struggles and a whole bunch of other stuff in an 80+ minute extravaganza.